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申込期日Application deadline

At least four weeks before your desired certification test date (product samples must be submitted at the same time).
It is possible to apply 60 days before the desired certification test date.
The desired certification test date is not guaranteed even if the application is made earlier.


For more information, please check the FeliCa Reader/Writer RF Performance Certification Specification.

申請時に必要なもの Materials that must be attached at the time of application

  • FeliCaリーダライタ デジタルプロトコル要件チェックシート Digital protocol requirements check sheet
    押印(または自署サイン)の上、PDFファイルにして提出してください。 紙原本の送付は不要です。
    Please send the application form with signature as a PDF file.
  • 測定中心点/アンテナ実装情報 Information regarding the measurement center point and antenna implementation
    excel file測定中心点のテンプレートファイル/Template file of a measurement center point
  • 検定対象製品用通信性能評価ソフトウェア(取扱説明書含む) Communication performance evaluation software(including its manual)
    1つにまとめて添付して下さい。 When attaching multiple files, please attach them together.
    容量制限等で申請時に提出できない場合は、申請受理後に申請情報が判るようにして、メール添付で検定試験所に送付してください。 If the files cannot be submitted at the time of application due to capacity limitations, etc., please send them to the certification laboratory as an e-mail attachment so that the application information can be found after the application is accepted.

申請が受理された後に試験所にご送付いただくもの Items to be sent to the testing laboratory after the application is accepted

  • 検定対象製品および付属品 3台分(共振周波数の上限、標準、下限 各1台)(取扱説明書含む)
    Three units of the product to be tested (one maximum-frequency sample, one standard-frequency sample, and one minimum-frequency sample)
    The manual for the product (including the cable connection method) Accessories, if any, for each unit.

申請 Application

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FeliCa リーダライタ RF性能検定 申請別ウインドウで開く

Application Form for FeliCa ReaderWriter RF Performance Certification Testopen new window

FeliCa リーダライタ RF性能検定 製品型名追加申請別ウインドウで開く

Application Form for "Added Product Model" for FeliCa ReaderWriter RF Certification Testopen new window

検定費用 Test fee

  • Mクラス M-class ・・・ 80万円(税別) 800,000yen (excluding tax)
  • Sクラス S-class ・・・ 50万円(税別) 500,000yen (excluding tax)

Payment must be made to our designated account at least one week prior to the test start date.
If the payment is late, you may not be able to start the test on the test start date.

If interlocking with the communication distance measurement tool is impossible unlike our requirement, we request 400,000yen as an additional cost.
In the event of invoicing an additional cost, we will not report certification results until we confirm the receipt of the additional cost.

検定開始日 Certification Test Start Date, 検定期間 Test Period

After the application for the certification test is received, the Certification Laboratory will notify the applicant within three business days of the day the test is to start.

If the test samples and other required materials are adequate and all measurement results meet pass-level requirements, the certification test will take the following days, excluding the day on which the test samples are received.

  • Mクラス M-class ・・・ 15営業日 15 business days
  • Sクラス S-class ・・・ 10営業日 10 business days

検定結果の通知 Notification of the Test Results

また、本検定の合否の如何に関わらず検定作業終了後、3営業日以内に、検定試験所から申請メーカーに対し、合否判定と実測データによる性能評価として「検定結果報告書」を送付します。また、合格の場合は、検定終了後7営業日を目処に検定機関の発行した「FeliCaリーダライタ RF性能検定合格証明書」を検定試験所より申請メーカにメールにて「合格証明書」を送付します。
If the Certification Laboratory determines that any test results are below pass-level requirements, the Certification Laboratory will immediately report the test results to the applicant. Regardless of the test results, the Certification Laboratory will email the Certification Test Results Report to the applicant within three business days following the last day of the test period.
For products that have passed the certification test, the Certification Laboratory will email the FeliCa Reader/Writer RF Performance Certificate issued by Certification Body to the applicant about the seventh day following the last day of the test period.

If you wish to retake the certification test on another sample of the same product, please submit a new certification test application.

検定データとサンプル品の扱い Handling of Test Data and Submitted Product Samples

本検定の実施に際し、検定データならびに検定機関、検定試験所が知りえた情報は、「FeliCaリーダライタ RF性能検定約款」に記載した内容に従い管理します。 本検定で使用した検定サンプルは検定終了後7営業日以内に検定試験所から申請メーカに返却いたします。
The Certification Body and Certification Laboratory will handle the test data and information that it obtains as a result of certification testing in accordance with the provisions of the FeliCa Reader/Writer RF Performance Certification Test Agreement.
The Certification Laboratory will return the product samples submitted for testing to the applicant within seven business days following the last day of the test period.

製品型名追加 Addition of Product Models

A manufacturer that adds a new product model to a product series whose models have already passed the certification test does not need to submit the new model for this test if (1) no modifications that might affect FeliCa RF communication performance have been made to the products since passed the test and (2) the manufacturer can guarantee that the new model has the same communication performance as the products that passed the test. If these conditions are met, the manufacturer need only apply the Application Form for “Added Product Model” for FeliCa ReaderWriter RF Certification Test別ウインドウで開く.

合格製品のHP掲載タイミングについて Certified-Product Listing on “FeliCa Interoperability Technology Information Site”

申請時に合格製品のHP掲載を希望された場合の掲載タイミングは、FeliCaリーダライタRF性能検定合格証に記載された合格日で決まります。 合格日が20日以前の場合、翌月月初に掲載されます。21日以降は翌々月の月初に掲載されます。
The timing to be posted on the website is determined by the issued date indicated on the FeliCa Reader/Writer RF Performance Certificate.
If the issued date is 20th or earlier, it will be posted at the beginning of the next month.
After the 21st, it will be posted at the beginning of two months later.
If you have any request regarding the date of publication, please inform us of the content in the Remarks column.


検定機関 Certification Body

Please check the this information. The e-mail address is here.